PECI | Community Energy People

PECI is reinventing itself to help Build A New Energy Economy. Our Vision is Resilient Community Energy Systems.  With warnings about potentially disastrous effects of global warming, communities are becoming more aware of opportunities for local resilience. Resilient communities are building local resources to protect and provide for their communities. PECI is positioned to support these local efforts.

Bringing new energy systems closer to local communities will strengthen local economies, make local systems more resilient and benefit the environment. Implementation includes helping communities and stakeholders develop and pilot local energy systems with new and evolving technologies. Potential local weather events could severely damage energy delivery and supply. But changes in our economy, energy markets and technology are creating an opportunity to bring the control of energy systems closer to local communities.

We believe strongly that local control of energy systems will strengthen local economies, make local systems more resilient and benefit the environment. Local energy solutions include aggregating local demand for energy efficiency measures, demand response capability and installing local distributed generation and storage, through nanogrids and microgrids. Managing energy production and use locally requires new business models and new local job growth.

PECI provides:

  • Feasibility assessments
  • Design, operation and system integration
  • Financing options
  • Oversight for deployment
  • New models for ownership, decision-making, and management.

Strong community interest and respected local champions are critical to success. PECI is your community's partner in the development of relationships, processes, community energy resources and systems.

About PECI

PECI is a nonprofit corporation dedicated to creating the new energy economy. We are leaders in the field of energy resource management, with expertise in designing and implementing community energy programs for utility and government agency clients. Our work helps millions of residential, commercial and industrial utility customers use energy more wisely. We were founded in 1979 in Portland, Oregon.